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Best Siding Colors for Different Colors of Brick

Are you wondering what color of siding goes with different colors of brick? Check out our guide as we look at this question and get  your perfect match today.

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Choosing The Best Siding Colors for Different Colors of Brick on Your Home

Did you know that certain types of home siding can last decades before needing to be replaced? Of course, the siding will only last this long if you take care of it. Otherwise, the color of the siding will start to fade and the siding itself will no longer be very good at protecting your home.

And speaking of siding color, do you know what color of siding goes best with your color of bricks? There are actually many different color combinations that you can try out. Even though brick doesn’t come in many different shades, siding tends to come in dozens and even hundreds of shades, so you’ll never run out of combinations.

Keep reading and learn more about matching the color of your home’s bricks to different types of siding.

Red Brick and Teal Siding

Sometimes, the best siding and brick combinations are the ones that aren’t immediately obvious. For example, many people don’t think about matching red brick with teal (a blue-green shade). After all, teal is such a different color compared to red brick.

It doesn’t seem like these two colors would go well together. Instead, they might look very ugly. But when you actually put teal siding alongside red brick, you will find that, somehow, these two contrasting colors go perfectly together.

It may be the fact that they are so different that makes them go so well together. Once you install siding in this blue-green color, you will find that the teal shade somehow takes the edge off of the red brick color. This way, the red brick isn’t so harsh and doesn’t call all of the attention when looking at your house’s exterior.

The Details

In the wrong circumstances, the teal siding could look somewhat dull.

This is because teal is a darker, more neutral shade compared to other types of blue or green. For that reason, if you don’t use teal in the right way, it can look very bland and lifeless. But when you put it next to red brick, the brick can liven up the teal without overpowering it.

For that reason, red brick and teal siding perfectly balance each other out and create a very attractive home exterior. Have a different color of brick? Read on for our suggestions.

Tan Brick and Burgundy Siding

Tan brick isn’t as popular as red brick, but that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be stylish. However, you may have a more difficult time finding siding that matches tan brick. This is because tan brick isn’t as bold as red brick.

For that reason, the tan color can easily get overrun by any color that is slightly stronger or brighter beside it. Because tan brick is on the lighter side, you will want to avoid siding that is also light in color.

If you don’t, you’ll find that the light siding will wash out the light-colored bricks and vice versa. As a result, your whole house will look quite drab and washed out. On the other hand, you don’t want to choose very bright or vibrant siding, because such colors will completely overpower the bricks.

Darker Shades

Instead, you will want to lean toward darker shades so that the darker siding and the lighter bricks can balance each other out. Dark red or burgundy siding can be the ideal match for tan bricks. Why?

Tan brick usually has some hints of red or pink in it, but these hints are too faint to really notice. But, when you add some red to your house’s siding, you will find that this siding will bring out the red hues from the brick. As a result, the brick will seem to have much more color than before and it will be much more attractive.

Burgundy is ideal because it is not bright red. Instead, it is subtle and sophisticated. For that very reason, it will do well  elevating tan brick from its bland status.

Red Brick and Neutral Siding

Sometimes, red brick can be a little too brash on a house’s exterior. While the red hue is undoubtedly attractive, too much of it can make your house an eyesore. Bright siding colors will only make this problem worse.

To fix this issue, all you have to do is choose a neutral siding color. There are many options to choose from when it comes to neutral siding. For example, beige, light blue, and cream are all popular siding colors.

The aim of these neutral colors is to detract attention from the red bricks. Of course, the neutral siding will not completely de-emphasize the appearance of the bricks. Instead, the siding will work to balance out the bright red color.

This way, the resulting appearance of your house will be much more balanced than before. This is especially important if you care about your house’s curb appeal.

What Color of Siding Goes with Your Bricks?

What color of siding goes with different colors of brick, you might ask? As it turns out, there are many different combinations to choose from.

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