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Roof repair is largely tied to severe weather events, particularly hail and wind storms.

“There are opportunities to repair roofs every year that have nothing to do with hail or wind damage,” says Adam McCoy, head of McCoy Roofing. “But a lot of the roofing market is geared toward storms and ‘acts of God.’”

Storms wreak havoc on roofs, gutters, and siding in Nebraska. From 2013 to 2015, the state ranked 2nd nationally per capita and 3rd overall for the number of hail-related claims, behind only Texas and Colorado, according to a report in the Journal Star.

The unpredictability of bad weather leads roofers to “chase” storms that heavily damage roof shingles, flashing, and underlay.

But rather than stretch resources and rely on unproven subcontractors, McCoy Roofing stays closer to home.

Adam and his family repair storm damage in western Iowa and Nebraska – from old urban districts to gated suburban communities in Omaha, on south to Bellevue and east to Council Bluffs, and westward to Kearney, Norfolk, Grand Island, and North Platte.

All told, the company has repaired or replaced thousands of roofs since 2007. For residential homes, McCoy Roofing charges from $4,000 to $500,000 and up for specialized roofs.

But the McCoys won’t sell you a bill of goods just because your roof has wind and hail.

“We evaluate whether structural damage compromised your roof’s integrity,” Adam says. “If it’s truly compromised, we let you know. If there’s no damage or you just need some repairs, then we’ll tell you that.”

He says appearances can deceive following a big storm.

“Even though there may be some evidence of hail, often there’s nothing that affects the roof’s long-term life.”

The McCoys know their customers rely on their expertise and advice. It’s how they earn people’s faith and trust.

“We’re straight with you – honest and transparent,” Adam says. “Homeowners depend on us to help them make qualified decisions. It can mean a lot of money out of their own pockets.”

He points to the many referrals the company gets from homeowners insurance agents as evidence of this commitment.

They know we’ll do right by them and by the homeowners.

McCoy also offers the most trusted roof replacement services in Nebraska.

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