Installing a replacement roof will safeguard your home

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First impressions mean a lot, but lasting ones mean even more.

McCoy Roofing team members work hard to earn your trust from their first contact with you, whether by phone or in person, right through to project’s end.

When it’s your roof, you want someone up there who’s qualified and trustworthy to see what you can’t see and to tell it to you like it is.

“We go out and inspect the roof,” Adam McCoy says. “Then we have a face-to-face conversation with the homeowner about what we found. They often ask, ‘What’s this going to cost me?’ We can usually give them a rough idea right then.”


When you contract with McCoy Roofing, your sales representative acts as an “on-site project manager.” These representatives complete rigorous in-office training, get extensive mentoring from veteran sales reps and do considerable job shadowing before they manage a roofing project. They are happy to walk you through our 5-step installation process and answer any questions you may have either upfront, during, or after the roof is completed.

“They’re the company’s backbone because they’re responsible for every facet and phase of a contract,” Adam says. “They assure quality control and oversee the project through completion and customer satisfaction. We allow them the freedom to be their own boss.”


This balance of autonomy with accountability helps make everyone who works for McCoy a “family member.”

“Our sales representatives are independent contractors. We pay them well because we value them and their ability to do a good job and to treat people right,” he says.

All our subcontractors are licensed and bonded. They have a demonstrated track record of completing jobs to our high standards. Many have been with us for years.


“If we think there’s enough damage to warrant a hail claim, we let the homeowner know.”

An insurance claim creates a new set of anxieties.

“Most homeowners don’t know how to file a claim, how to deal with insurance companies or any of that,” Adam says. “But when people contract with us, we go through the process with them from start to finish.”

We’ve put together a very easy 8-step Insurance Process to help simplify the process for you, but also take it a step further to eliminate hassle and worry this is something McCoy Roofing offers as a built-in service.

“We meet the insurance adjustor on the property and walk through the claim with him or her. We help get the homeowner covered for all of the roof damage we noted,” he says.

And the help goes further.

“Once the homeowner gets the roof bought, insurance paperwork will arrive. If the homeowner wants, we explain what’s being covered line item by line item.”


A job done right is all in the details.

The McCoy team sees to it that:

  • Its comprehensive roof inspection doesn’t miss anything.
  • The right roofing materials are ordered and delivered on time and on site.
  • Its work crew installs the roof efficiently, professionally and on schedule.
  • The home or business owner is kept informed of the work’s progress.
  • The customer is supported and listened to from start to finish.

See what all goes into a McCoy Roof


Adam says part of being real with customers is to not over-promise or create expectations that can’t be met.

“This is construction – it’s not science – and things can happen,” he says. “If bad things do occur, we take care of you. If there are issues, we fix them. We make things right – no matter what. That’s paramount to what we do.

We promise satisfaction at the end of the day.


Of course, not everyone who works for McCoy Roofing is a McCoy by birth or marriage. But everyone learns the company’s values as if they were. That culture of integrity is embedded in every corner of the organization.

“When someone new comes in, we explain the company culture. It’s understood right out of the gate. They know our practices, they know we always do the right thing,” Adam says. “More than talk about it, we teach people how to do things the right way by living it.”


A trusted team doesn’t come together by accident.

“We’ve become very good at building a team of people capable of exceeding customer expectations. That’s one of the hallmarks of McCoy Roofing – we find good people,” Adam says.

Maybe a better way to say it is we attract good people who share our values and beliefs, and we keep them.

McCoy also offers the most trusted roof repair services in Nebraska.

Get your free estimate from McCoy Roofing.  Or give us a call at (402) 616-7304 and we will send an expert out to give you a thorough and honest assessment of your roof free of charge.