McCoy Roofing Contractors - How To Spot Hail Damage

How to spot hail damage from the ground

You can spot hail damage from ground level. Here’s a quick guide to what you should look for.

Picture displaying hail from a storm and how it can harm your roofs health.

If you suspect your roof has hail damage after a recent storm, there are ways you can to confirm it. Just walk around your yard and study . If you see any of these ground level indicators, it’s probable your roof was damaged:

  • Dents or missing paint in siding
  • Siding that has dents and dimples
  • Any cracked or missing paint
  • Obvious paint damage to gutters
  • Misshaped Gutters due to significant dents and dings
  • Broken window panes
  • Any rips and tears in window or porch screens
  • Damage to yard furniture, yard decor, grills or mail boxes
  • Damage and destroyed yard or potted plants

Hail size

InchesObject Size Referral
3/4”Dime or penny
1 1/2”Golf Ball
2 1/2”Tennis Ball
2 3/4Base Ball
3’Tea cup

Not all hail will damage your roof. Pea and marble size are usually harmless. But any hail dime sized or larger can significantly damage your property.

Roof Damage Indicators

When hail hits shingles, it knocks out the gravel embedded in them. That exposes the felt or roof membrane beneath. That’s one obvious sign of hail damage.

Crushed and bruised shingles-show a distinctive dark mark. Such damage can also be detected by touch. It makes the shingle soft and springy. Most of the damage from bruising is beneath the shingle, where the fiberglass is shattered

While metal roofs are durable, they can sometimes be damaged. Look for dents and cracks.

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