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Common Roof Problems In The Winter

Winter weather can be brutal on roofs, leading to various issues that must be addressed. Common roof problems in the winter include ice dams, snow buildup, condensation, and water damage.

Front view of a house during winter after applying the correct ways to prevent roof problems during the winter.

Ice dams form when warm air from your home rises and melts snow on the roof. The melted snow then refreezes at the roof’s edge, creating an ice barrier that prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. This can lead to pooling water which can seep beneath shingles and cause water damage.

Another common winter roof problem is snow buildup – especially if your roof isn’t cleared off after each storm. When large amounts of snow accumulate on your roof, it increases the structure’s stress and can cause problems like cracked shingles or even collapse.

Finally, condensation can be a massive issue in winter months when your roof isn’t properly ventilated. Moisture from bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms rises into your attic space, where it meets cold air. This causes condensation on walls and ceilings, leading to warped wood, mold growth, and water damage.

To prevent these common winter roof problems, it’s essential to ensure proper ventilation in your home, clear snow buildup off your roof after each storm, and inspect for ice dams regularly throughout the winter season. If you notice any signs of wear or damage on your roof during an inspection, contact a professional roofer as soon as possible to evaluate and repair the issue. Taking proactive steps now can save you from costly repairs down the line.

Winter can be a difficult time for roofs. Snow and ice buildup can lead to water damage, crumbling shingles, and other issues. McCoy Roofing knows the importance of ensuring your roof is ready for winter weather. With decades of experience, our team is prepared to inspect and repair any damage caused by extreme winter weather. We are dedicated to keeping your roof in top condition and ensuring it can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Winter weather doesn’t have to be a worry when you choose the professionals at McCoy Roofing. Contact us today at 402-616-7304 for an inspection and get ready for the winter months ahead.